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Main Admin Building BrayfordULAC provide friendly needs assessments to UK students in receipt of a DSA (Disabled Student’s Allowance) for a disability, a learning difficulty (SpLD), or a medical condition.

Please contact us on 01522 886400 for the next available appointment.

Assessments are usually relaxed meetings where we listen to your concerns, and help you to identify equipment, software, services or support that is appropriate to your specific needs, and your chosen course. We can also provide ‘Assessments of Needs’ to students attending other UK universities, as well as those studying at the University of Lincoln. Please note that the assessment fee is inclusive (to include any Top-Up assessments). Our office in Lincoln, with 2 available assessment rooms, is only a short distance from the city’s rail and bus stations. For those with cars, we can usually arrange free VIP parking even closer to our Lincoln office. The ULAC centre is wheelchair accessible. Our opening times are on the contact ULAC page. ULAC assessments seek to ensure that your degree outcome is a true reflection of your inner ability and not your disability. ULAC is an accredited member of NNAC (National Network of Assessment Centres).

We always try to arrange earlier appointments if possible.  Please note that the industry recommendation for the next available appointment should be 15 days.

Please contact ULAC to check for any last minute cancellations by other students. Please note, any delay in contacting us for an assessment may equally delay the authorisation and the provision of any agreed support package. We recommend you contact ULAC as soon as possible. ULAC is an accredited member of NNAC (National Network of Assessment Centres).

Non-Medical Help Services
The table below shows NMH rates. For some services, there may be more than one provider. Where this is the case, each provider is listed, along with their rates.
Role Clear Links (ex VAT) Clear Links (inc. VAT) Clarion (ex VAT)  Clarion inc. VAT)
Band 3 Specialist Enabling
Communication Support N/A N/A £44.00 £52.00
Specialist Note Taker  £35.00 £42.00 £45.00 £54.00
Specialist Transcription  N/A N/A £35.00 £42.00  
Mobility Trainer  N/A N/A N/A N/A
Band 4 Specialist Access
Specialist Mentor  £51.00 £61.20 £58.00 £69.60  
Specialist One to One Study Skills Support  £51.00 £61.20 £58.00 £69.60
BSL Interpreter  N/A N/A £50.00 £60.00
Language Support Tutor  N/A N/A N/A N/A
Assistive Technology Trainer  N/A N/A £60.00 £72.00

6 Replies to “University of Lincoln Assessment Centre”

  1. I need to speak with someone regarding NMH for my daughter. Can someone contact me please.


  2. Hi
    I applied for an assessment on 14 Nov using your website but have heard nothing back.

    Can you please let me know if you are doing assessments?



    1. Hello Sam,

      I apologise that you have not received a response from us, but I cannot seem to find your application for an assessment. In order to book an appointment, we will first need to see a copy of your approval letter from Student Finance England. Please can you forward a copy of this onto You will be able to find a copy of the letter on your SFE account, under the letters and emails tab.

      Kind Regards,
      University of Lincoln Assessment Centre

  3. I would like to book an assessment to follow up with my disabled students’ allowance, so I would like to book a study needs assessment with you.

    1. Hi Alisha

      I am afraid that we do not have any appointments available at the minute (unless you need to book a review assessment). There is another assessment centre in Lincoln called Yorlinc, please give them a call on 01522 530099 and book an appointment with them.

      Kind Regards,
      Student Wellbeing Centre

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