We have tried to make the ULAC website as accessible as possible.

We recommend that you configure your web browser to help you browse the web more easily.

If you have difficulty reading small text a simple method of increasing visibility is to enlarge the page. Most web browsers allow graphical scaling of the web page. Try pressing the ‘Ctrl’ key at the same time as using you mouse scroll wheel. Also refer to your browser help menu for additional methods of scaling. Graphical scaling is usually better than text sizing as the latter application varies between browser types and often conflicts with the underlying design of the webpage.

You can also configure background colours in your ‘Options’ menu or ‘Preferences’ menu. If you are of a technical nature write your own style sheet and apply it to all websites.

In order to view websites as text only, most browsers will allow you to turn off images, ignore style sheets, and ignore font sizes. As browsers tend to do this in slightly different ways, you will have to view your chosen browsers option/help menus to implement these changes.

Try a different web browser!

Whilst Internet Explorer is a great browser, different browsers will enable you to do different things.  Mozilla will allow greater control of pop up windows. Internet Explorer integrates with Microsoft Office products. On the Apple Mac, Safari Firefox and Chrome seem to handle everything as they should.

Assisstive Technology

Of course the best way to become empowered is to use the right tools. Here are a few links to get you started:


Microsoft General Accessibility